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 K̓alhwá7alap nsnekw̓núk̓wa7. Nilh ts7a ta nqwal'úttensa i St̓át̓imca. Wá7lhkalh xát̓minem kws zwatenítas ta nqwal̓utteníha i stsmal̓tlhkálha.

"First Words"

hello (one to one)



younger woman, girl (pet name or respectful way to address a)

soil, earth or land

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Northern St̓át̓imcets

About The ST̓ÁT̓IMC people

The St̓át̓imc are the original inhabitants of the territory which extends north to Churne Creek and South French Bar; northwest to the headwaters of Bridge River; north and east toward Hat Creek Valley; east to the Big Slide; south to the island on Harrison Lake and west of the Fraser River to the Head Waters of Lillooet River, Ryan River and Black Tusk in the interior of BC. We have also been known as the Lillooet Tribe. Our language, St̓át̓im̓cets, is one of the Interior Salish Languages of B.C. This portal page includes the northern dialects spoken by the people at Ts̓kw̓áylacw (Pavilion) which borders the Secwepemc (Shuswap) in the east, Cáclep (Fountain) and Sekw̓el'wás (Cayoose Creek) on the south that borders the Nlhákapmec (Thompson), Tsal̓álh (Seton Lake), Nxwísten (Bridge River), and T̓ít̓q̓et (Lillooet) that borders the Psxíxnem (Chilcoten) on the North.

The St̓át̓imc way of life is inseparably connected to the land. Our people use different locations throughout our territory of rivers, mountains and lakes, planning our trips with the best times to hunt and fish, harvest food and gather medicines. The lessons of living on the land are a large part of the inheritance passed on from St̓át̓imc elders to our children.

As holders of one of the richest fisheries along the Fraser River, the St̓át̓imc defend and control a rich resource that feeds our people throughout the winter, and serves as a valued staple for trade with our neighboring nations. The St̓át̓imc can think of no other better place to live.
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Status of Our Language

Name of Archive
Northern St̓át̓imcets

Language Family
Interior Salish


British Columbia

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